Non Dom Malta: A Profitable Business Destination

Nov 8, 2023


Welcome to, your trusted source for information on establishing a successful business in Malta. In this article, we will explore the advantages of Malta's Non-Domiciled (Non Dom) status for notaries, financial services, and legal services. If you are considering expanding your business or looking for an ideal location for investment, Malta could be the perfect destination.

Understanding Non-Domiciled Status in Malta

Malta offers a unique opportunity for businesses, specifically in the areas of notaries, financial services, and legal services. Being a Non-Dom in Malta means that as a resident, you can benefit from a highly attractive tax regime. By establishing your business in Malta, you can enjoy significant tax advantages while operating within a robust legal framework.

The Advantages of Non-Domiciled Status in Malta

Malta has positioned itself as a leading international business hub, providing various incentives for companies in the notary, financial services, and legal services sectors. Here are some key advantages:

1. Favorable Tax Regime

One of the major benefits of Non-Dom status in Malta is the attractive tax regime. Businesses operating in Malta can benefit from a low corporate tax rate of 35%, one of the lowest in Europe. Additionally, effective tax planning strategies can reduce the tax burden even further, making Malta an enticing choice for businesses looking to optimize their financial operations.

2. Double Taxation Agreements

Malta has an extensive network of double taxation agreements with over 70 countries worldwide. This means that businesses operating in Malta can enjoy tax relief and avoid double taxation on income earned in these countries. The presence of these agreements strengthens Malta's reputation as an attractive destination for international business.

3. Financial Services Infrastructure

Malta has developed a robust infrastructure for financial services, making it an ideal location for businesses in the sector. The country's well-regulated banking system, advanced fintech solutions, and reliable payment services create a favorable environment for conducting business operations smoothly and efficiently.

4. EU Membership and Access to the Single Market

Being a member of the European Union (EU), Malta benefits from access to the EU's single market. This provides businesses in Malta with a broader customer base, increased opportunities for trade, and seamless access to a market of over 500 million consumers. Establishing your business in Malta opens doors to numerous possibilities within the EU and beyond.

5. Stable Legal System and Business-Friendly Environment

Malta boasts a stable legal system based on common law, which provides secure and reliable business operations. The country's pro-business approach, efficient regulatory framework, and transparent legal system create a favorable environment for businesses in notaries, financial services, and legal services sectors. Malta's reputable and internationally recognized legal system ensures a high level of investor protection.

How to Establish Your Business in Malta

Setting up your business in Malta is a straightforward process. Here are the key steps you need to follow:

1. Research and Planning

Research the market, understand the legal and regulatory requirements, and develop a comprehensive business plan. Identify the niche within notaries, financial services, or legal services that suits your business objectives.

2. Company Formation

Engage the services of a reputable company formation specialist in Malta who can guide you through the registration process, including drafting the necessary documents, obtaining the required licenses, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

3. Office Space and Infrastructure

Find suitable office space in Malta, taking into consideration your specific business needs. Malta offers a range of affordable options, including co-working spaces, business centers, and dedicated office spaces.

4. Recruitment and Workforce

Building a skilled and reliable workforce is crucial for the success of your business. Malta has a highly educated workforce, with proficiency in multiple languages, including English, making it an excellent location for finding talented professionals in the notaries, financial services, and legal services sectors.

5. Networking and Collaboration

Make connections with local industry associations, trade bodies, and professional networks to expand your business opportunities. Networking and collaboration are essential for establishing your presence in Malta's business community.


Malta's Non-Domiciled status offers a profitable business destination for notaries, financial services, and legal services. The favorable tax regime, extensive double taxation agreements, financial services infrastructure, EU membership, stable legal system, and business-friendly environment make Malta an attractive location for expanding your business or investing in new ventures.

As an expert in the industry, can assist you with your journey in establishing your business in Malta. Contact us today to explore the opportunities awaiting you as a Non-Dom in Malta!

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